April 15, 2019

"Love this place lots of beautiful flowers and cheap prices."
April 15, 2019

"Best place for perennials and annuals!"
April 2, 2019

Connie G.

"Awesome people to work with. We do a fund raiser with their Poinsettias each year. Beautiful flowers and professional people. Thank you for all you do."
April 2, 2019

Eric J.

"We buy wholesale for our hardware stores. We get so many compliments on our plants and we're proud to sell local product. They use better soil, they're not shipped by truck from out of state like the big boxes. These plants are so obviously better than what you can buy most places."
March 25, 2019

Deena C.

"I love this nursery! They have tons of selection and their prices are amazing! Everyone is super nice and helpful! Looking forward to our annual spring trip!!"
Tarheel Nursery